Happy Families, Vibrant World City - Opportunities and
Demographic Threats facing Hong Kong in the Next 20 Years (Summary)
幸福繫萬家,活力聚香江:香港人口未來二十年的機與危 (概要)

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How to Create A World-Class Medical System

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1: Summary: Hong Kong has a World-Class Medical System yet Cracks are Fast Appearing—It is high time we Augmented our Medical Capacity and Capabilities by Investing in Medical Hardware and Personnel

2: Hong Kong’s Excellent Medical System is On the Brink of Breaking Down—Upsurge in Demand for and Stagnating Supply of Medical Services will Startle our Medical System within These Few Years

3: Hong Kong has Great Potential to Become a World-Class Medical Hub

4: Ten Improvements We Must Make to Meet Surging Demand and Realise our Potential of Becoming a World-Class Medical Hub

How to Invest $100bn for Our Future

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1: Summary: Hong Kong has a destiny to fulfil – to become a World City. It is high time our whole community awoke our “can-do” spirit and started building that future by investing our private and public capital from today

2: Invest to Improve in our Service Capacity and Capabilities – Build World-class Hardware

2.1: Invest HK$22bn in an 11m sf “Gateway to the World” commercial complex to showcase Hong Kong’s world-class services (retail, medical, hospitality, credibility, arts, NGO’s and many others) and re-plan Tung Chung to become the most environmentally-friendly high density community in the world. These developments befit the district’s potential of becoming the gateway city of the Pearl River Delta, home to 70m people in the most affluent province of China

2.2: Invest HK$10bn in a 2m sf "Sub-Culture" underground mall in the West Kowloon Cultural District to (1) enhance TST's retail quantum and range of experience as a global shoppers' paradise and (2) generate recurrent income to support the development of arts and culture in Hong Kong

3: Invest to Improve in our Service Capacity and Capabilities – Build World-class Software

How to become a World City: Lessons from London
實現香港潛能 躍升國際都會:借鏡倫敦

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Summary: Hong Kong faces a Binary outcome in the Golden 5 Years - Invest, Reach Up, Re-model and become a World City, or get Sidelined

2: Finance Sector Trends are Favourable to Hong Kong International Finance Center

3: Hong Kong should be Thankful for its World-Class Non-finance services but there is Room to Improve
三、世界級服務源源奉上 香港潛力優厚,身在福中應知福

4: Call for Action - Opportunities wait for No One, while Hong Kong Has the Potential and Foundations, there are many things the Community Should Do

5: Summary of HKGolden50's Survey of Mainland Graduates from the University of Hong Kong

6: More Users will tap Hong Kong IFC's "Deepcraft"

Hong Kong - The Golden 5 Years and the Decline that may follow...?

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Our first research report published on 1 Sept 2011 serves as an "umbrella piece" that outlines the synopsis of our series of four reports.

Our second research report published on 14 Dec 2011 illustrates the potential of Hong Kong to join London and New York City in becoming a World City.

Our third research report published on 21 Apr 2012 outlines concrete proposals on what investments our community and government should make in order to build a bigger, better and more compassionate Hong Kong.

Our fourth research report published on 28 Jun 2012 points out the problems facing our world-class medical system amid a rapidly aging population, and our suggestions on how it can cope with changing demographics and maintain its top-notch service quality.

We only share our key findings in the reports in order to deliver a clear and concise message that is more accessible for all audience. To further illustrate our research topics, we are now publishing articles on various forms of media on a regular basis to provide a more comprehensive picture of our findings. We would like to thank our friends from the media for giving us the opportunity to express and elucidate our thoughts to the members of our community.

「香港黃金五年 盛衰關鍵」乃我們一系列研究報告的開篇,於2011年9月1日發表,包含了我們一系列四份研究報告的大意及主要綱領。

我們的第二份報告,「實現香港潛能 躍升國際都會:借鏡倫敦」在2011年12月14日發表,它從多方面說明了香港躍升為繼倫敦、紐約後第三個國際都會的潛能。